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2009-10-15, 12:31
The cyberpunk artfest that is the Alternative Party 2009 in Helsinki October 23-25, will be invaded by SceneSat in the form of mayor, Sir Garbagetruck and Ziphoid. We will try to broadcast as much as possible but it will at least include the music compos, a live performance by our affiliated DJ Byproduct and probably also mayor, who takes on the shape of DJ Thomas when he tweaks his turntables in the quest for the ultimate beat. The schedule is however not entirely set yet, so do have a look on the website every now and then.

We will also make sure to interview Jeri Ellsworth - the g33k lady who brought us the C64 DTV - and a bunch of scene personalities. Ziphoid (and probably also Sir Garbagetruck) will also participate in a workshop about the demoscene arranged by the Finnish TV station YLE during the Saturday.

Also, if everything goes right, we will even broadcast via the FM network in Helsinki, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Read more about the party at http://altparty.org/2009.

2009-10-15, 20:26
Go for it ;)

Will listen, for sure..


2009-10-18, 22:56
Sounds like fun, and they have a CRAY supercomputer with 48 Cores!

2009-10-21, 15:39
The party programme looks huge.

Special guests: Sophie Wilson, Jeri Ellsworth

Live music: Dope Stars Inc, Byproduct ft. Sellek & Hanks, MK10/FTHR Productions, 64Mula, Trio DStruction, The Microkorgs, Tero, Healium

DJ's: Thomas, Malakai, PasiK, Ride Control

Art exhibitions: Glittermouse, identity 410, (b)AR, Smoquito, Bicameral Mind, Cyberpunkture, Elias, Grid by Joona Siren, PQNQ-clock, Kino Cybervideo, Jazz trash robot, Glitch Workshop, Brick Pit

Hardware exhibitions: 3D Theater, Pelikonepeijjoonit, Codice's home computers, Commodore systems, MSX, UNIX/OpenVMS

Partners' exhibitions: Cray CX1, Damicon Kraa, Empty Stomach!, Polycon, YLE Sample Corner, Preae Technologies, Pirate party, Nokia, RenderFarm.fi, SceneSat Radio

Other: Brain Pool, Shigeru Cinema Gaming, Workshop: Demoscene documentary series, Cybernetic Intuition and Creativity, Man Meets Machine - in Go, Cyberpunk Seminar for Digital Professionals, Lingua spa

Social program: Alternative Party Warmup Club, Cyberpunk Dinner with menu Desnai, Psychosis, SpeedDating, Family day on Sunday 25th October, Cooldown VIP Sauna

Compos: Alternative demo, Dynamic demo, YLE material challenge, Supercomputer competition, 3D-Theater, Themed video, Wildest wild, Nuskool music, Oldskool music, Realtime graphics, Retro graphics, The most obscure computer competition, Cyberpunk costume contest, Striptease contest




2009-10-23, 16:43
Look great! I'll stay tuned to scenesat all weekend.

2010-01-14, 10:08
Here's a small video compilation of my gig and the awesome visuals made by VJs Sellek & Hanks: (youtube link) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRCw2j4Uavw). Lights by Alt09 crew, recording by Mikko K.

In case someone feels like questioning the awesomeness of the visuals, let me just say that there's a Godzilla that shoots lightning from its eyes.