View Full Version : Demoscene Outreach - demos & music - Vienna, Austria

Sir Garbagetruck
2009-11-05, 15:39
Unfortunately I can't be at this event (I'm already booked to go to a friend's birthday, and Kindergarden is the next week so I have this time issue - gotta get a demo done. REALLY need to get a demo done.)

But. This is going to rule, and anyone anywhere near Vienna should _seriously_ go.

Gameboy coding, _VECTREX_ coding (the vectrex rules) and demoscene music stuff spun by Paralax/Speckdrumm and TMB. And Then JCO will be doing something called 'making noise' which will definately be something to catch.

(Yes, it's Paralax/Speckdrumm. Not the other one. Paralax rules, a bunch of you met him at BIT live 2008. He came from Vienna to Stockholm to see it with a friend.)


(Yes. I'm not happy I have to miss it.)

2009-11-11, 11:40
Great posting Truck! :)
I got two additions for you about the event: we're very happy that Deekay^Crest (http://noname.c64.org/csdb/scener/?id=8058) will be talking about Commodore 64 graphics and we will also try to set up a web stream for you to watch during the day.

Speckdrumm crowd will invade the metalab at noon, the first talk will be at 3pm (GMT+1) and we'll try to complete the setup and publish the stream URLs on the web by that timeframe!
EDIT: little bummer: talks will be in German but ustream.com is al about interactivity so I'll try to acknowledge any activity on that front!