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Nope, I don't feel like hearing this at all right now...
*hmmm* Well, I don't have to switch off, but I'm not raising the volume either...
Yes, this track fits my mood perfectly!
Current time: 2021-01-23 00:17
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Bladiator - Suicide for 2 Pianos [04:22]
T-101 - Anthem [04:00] at 00:22:35

Conversation Between Dr-Duke and MH

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  1. Well, I do agree with you, it's impolite to stuck your nose in others personal discussion. Be well dude.
  2. Well, I already explained. What I disliked in the show was not just personal taste, but the couple of obviously disgusting tracks, that spoils this (yet great) radio that make it really different than what is written in "about us" section. Thats all.
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