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Nope, I don't feel like hearing this at all right now...
*hmmm* Well, I don't have to switch off, but I'm not raising the volume either...
Yes, this track fits my mood perfectly!
Current time: 2022-12-07 06:48
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TbO&Vega - Basschild [04:15]
Cybernetika - Vaporized [07:05] at 06:54:15


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  1. (Copied from the post in the original Pouet key...

    (Copied from the post in the original Pouet key fob thread, word for word.)

    I'm honestly not trying to spam my way back to the top. I thought I would share some process photos and things I tried...
  2. What a whole bunch of SceneSat key fobs looks like

    (This is a clone of a Pouet thread of a similar name at truck's request. Some "stuff above"-type references might not make sense as I decline to copy the previous first post due to being all about...
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