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Nope, I don't feel like hearing this at all right now...
*hmmm* Well, I don't have to switch off, but I'm not raising the volume either...
Yes, this track fits my mood perfectly!
Current time: 2023-02-02 02:59
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Malmen - Cutting The Pain Away [04:22] at 03:01:17


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    I can't even remember them all. Geez.. what plays...

    I can't even remember them all. Geez.. what plays in my head when it's quiet?

    4-mat - Madness Pt 2 B
    Groo - the song from Stars: Wonders of the World
    Estrayk - Euphonik
    Gloom - the song from...
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    Sticky: I'm andr00, from the United States of Aaaaaaagh....

    I'm andr00, from the United States of Aaaaaaagh. When left alone with nothing to do, I write programs (this is also my job, please don't tell them I do it for fun).

    My dad brought home the first...
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