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    Hazel - SuBZilla - 20150206 20:00CET

    You could call this the sequel to the old "WaSSUB?" show. The pleasant times with blips, beeps and relaxing music is over. The Beast will eat your SUBs and spit them out laughing. SuBZilla is here....
  2. Scenesat Staff - Payback Awards Ceremony - 20150201 00:00CET

    I just added this and it logged me out, so hopefully we can actually broadcast this
  3. Scenesat Staff - Payback - The Final Round - The Demos! - 20150131 21:30CET

    Demos! And Finns!
  4. Scenesat Staff - Payback - the Final Round - Final Part - 20150131 14:00CET

    Much Payback. So show. Very planning.
  5. Scenesat Staff - Payback - the Final Round - Friday - 20150130 19:00CET

    Let's see when we get on the air and when we go off the air!
  6. Scenesat Staff - Payback - The Final Round - Friday - 20150130 19:00CET

    Let's see when we go on the air and when we go off the air!
  7. SLAY Radio Staff and guests - Remix64.com - ROTY Awards 2014 - 20150207 20:00CET

    The time has come to celebrate and acknowledge the remixers' work in the C64 community by presenting the yearly ROTY Awards, as voted by the users at www.rexmi64.com. This year it's SLAY Radio's turn...
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    Ziphoid - Cozy Corner - 20150202 20:00CET

    The first CC of the year will let you chill out a bit after a probably hectic Monday... Let's see if Mondays are better than Sundays to do this, even though the jingle says otherwise. :P
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    Steph - Soothing Sounds - 20150119 20:00CET

    Steph is back with another solo show! Stop by and relax!
  10. Steph and Kevman - Scenes from the Burgh - 20141228 20:00CET

    Steph & Kev will recap some of the year's releases and take your requests for their last show of the year.
  11. Not Santa and Not Santa - The Arrogant Bastards Are Not Santa - 20141211 20:00CET

    We discuss our friend and yours, Santa. Also other things.
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    Ziphoid - Cozy Corner - 20141201 20:00CET

    w00t!? A Cozy Corner on a Monday? Hmmm... Well, it's creeping closer and closer to Christmas and it's once again time to chill out to some soothing tunes from Ziphoid...
  13. Steph - Soothing Sounds with Steph - 20141117 20:00CET

    Mondays can be rough...Steph will play some cozy music to help you unwind!
  14. Scenesat Staff - FAP Saturday Compos and Madness - 20141129 15:00CET

    More Amigaaaaa! Music and Demo compos! AmigaaaaaAAAaaaa!
  15. Scenesat Staff - FAP Live Broadcast - Friday - 20141128 19:00CET

    Live! From FAP! AmigaaaaAAAaaa!
  16. General Kindergarden Madness - Kindergarden Broadcast - Saturday - 20141108 16:00CET

    Saturday broadcast of Kindergarden.
  17. SceneSat Staff - X-2014 compo night part 2! - 20141025 20:00CEST

    Compos! MOAR compos!
  18. SceneSat Staff - X-2014 compo time! - 20141025 15:30CEST

    It's X! It's compo time! The biggest C64-only in the world now has its climax! Do NOT miss it! We might sneak in some previews of the live performances by Reyn Ouwehand and Bas Bron from Friday as...
  19. SunSpire - SceneSpired #6 - German Remix Group presents "A Tribute to Rob Hubbard" - 20141019 20:00CEST

    On 17th November 2014, German Remix Group releases their third remix album to the world, named "A Tribute to Rob Hubbard". Let's have a listen together.
  20. Welcome to MY show. - Retread #1: yks - 20141015 20:00CEST

    Truck does some stuff that does not involve talking.
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    Ziphoid - Cozy Corner - 20141008 20:00CEST

    Try two!! This time there WILL be a show!
  22. Steph and Kevman - Demosplash Day 2 part 2 - 20141005 00:30CEST

    Prize giving and Closing
  23. Steph and Kevman - Demosplash Day 2 - 20141004 18:00CEST

    Some more talks, including a presentation on how the CMU Computer Club unearthed some Andy Warhol art from Amiga disks! Oh, and COMPOS!
  24. Steph and Kevman - Demosplash Day 1a - 20141004 01:30CEST

    After a pleasant dinner, we'll be back with the rest of Day 1's talks.
  25. Steph and Kevman - Demosplash Day 1 - 20141003 23:00CEST

    Tune in for the kickoff of the 4th edition of Demosplash! Audio and video streams coming to you from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University!
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