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Nope, I don't feel like hearing this at all right now...
*hmmm* Well, I don't have to switch off, but I'm not raising the volume either...
Yes, this track fits my mood perfectly!
Current time: 2023-01-30 16:44
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POW - Confused Mind [03:40]
d4XX - Two-Thousand-Twenty-One [03:21] at 16:47:55


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    Got it! DreamSpy [EQ mix].mp3...

    Got it!

    DreamSpy [EQ mix].mp3
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    thanx for tip, I did that and got the name of the...

    thanx for tip, I did that and got the name of the album it's on but it's SO rare I can't find it to buy or download haha

    From his email:

    Anyone own a copy? haha...
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    Totally, I almost fainted when it came on I was...

    Totally, I almost fainted when it came on I was like WTF?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then when I realised it was a tune I DIDN'T know I was totally like, freaking out big style hehe
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    omg anyone know this Spy vs Spy mix?!

    'DreamSpy' or 'Dream Spy' = ? it's all I know :(

    Ok no one on www.remix64.com knows what this is, no one in any C64 or remix gorups on Facebook knows what this is, so if anyone here can tell me...
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