After I've read so many of your posts, got to "know" who's behind all those nicks... I thought I should introduce myself as well. Since no one knows me anyway....

I'm a 25 years old girl from Bosnia, living in Croatia. Am a civil engineer, building constructions' are my field. But... I like photography more. If you ever meet me anywhere, you'll most likely see me with a huge bag of lenses and a camera.

Last year around April, I think, I discovered SLAYradio through Reyn's shows, as a geeky friend told me about it. So I came back to the next show... and the next... and here I am today, someone who was never even close to even seeing/meeting the scene, I stay tuned every day. I'm happy I met so many smart and funny people, I'm happy I found all this.

And I must say I'm surprised how far SceneSat got. This is good work and congratz to that! Keep it up and good luck.
Greetz, Nina.