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    A Fostex MR8 MkII, an Audio Technica AT8035, I also carry around a Zoom H2. All windscreens, windsocks, zeppelins and boompoles were homemade. Field recording on a budget, aww yeah. The DAWs I use are Soundforge, and Adobe Audition. Sometimes I'll boot up Audacity if I need to do something really quick to a file, like add some silence. For everything else though, it's Soundforge and Audition.

    I know it's not music stuff, but sound designers have gear too, dang it.

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    Default Milkytracker + Audacity + jamin

    I just master and mix tunes, but I work in Linux so choices are a bit limited.

    That said, audiacity (1.3.7 beta) and jamin are a GREAT combo. Jamin is a nice mastering tool and by far the best thing I've found available for *nix. Audacity does pretty much everything I want it to and the 1.3x versions are SO much better than the stable line.


    For replayers, I use dumb (IT, S3M), milkytracker (XM, sometimes MOD and S3M), uade2 (weird amiga shit), sidplay2 (SID, of course), bassmod (XM), ayemul (speccy tunes), asap (Atari-8 tunes), adplug (Adlib), sc68 (atari-16). Sometimes I use deliplayer or winJAM under wine emulation.

    Some of my tune conversions can be found here: http://www.esnips.com/web/demoscenetunes

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    Alecs, I'm _fairly_ sure that Paniq has been Linux-only for 2 years, possibly 3.

    And he's been doing 'a tune a day' for the past week or so 'to keep in shape.'

    So, ya know, if it doesn't exist now, make it (: That's what he's done with Aldrin.

    (also, there's that impulse tracker clone 'schism tracker' and 'cheesetracker' which, admittedly, Raw Style hasn't worked on for some years. Yes, Raw Style/Farbraush. I know, it's like some crazy dream where the members of a demogroup actually MAKE things rather than worry about the platform.

    Translation: seriously, some of us (TRUCK) need to stop bitching about stuff and jut MAKE STUFF and if it doesn't work like you want FIX IT SO IT DOES.)

    Um could I have more icons please I only have 378150 to choose from after the message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Garbagetruck View Post
    Um could I have more icons please I only have 378150 to choose from after the message.
    Why, certainly, sir! *downloads 500 MSN icon packs and installs them into the forum* :P
    SceneSat systems administrator / tech guru / sometime DJ

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    Here's my current kit list. I use pretty much all of them on a more or less regular basis.

    Monitoring / Signal path:
    ADAM A7 ( x2 )
    Genelec 1030A ( x2 )
    Genelec 1092A (currently broken)
    SM Pro Audio M-Patch
    Mackie 1604-VLZ3

    Macbook, Core Duo 2.0GHz, 2GB
    RME Audio Fireface 400
    Logic Pro 8
    Ableton Live 6
    Reaper 2 (I'm currently evaluating this because of it's great audio arrangement/editing features which might help me with my HW synth loops etc.)

    LennarDigital Sylenth1
    Native Instruments Battery 3
    Cytomic Glue
    IK Multimedia CSR
    IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2
    IK Multimedia AmpegSVX
    Ohm Force Ohmicide
    PSP Nitro
    Voxengo Elephant

    Instruments / Sound Sources / Effects / Controllers:
    genoQs Machines Nemo
    Novation ReMote 37 SL
    Novation Supernova 2 Pro
    Kurzweil PC161
    Alesis Ion
    Roland TD-4k
    DPA 4091
    RŘDE K2
    TLAudio Ivory 2 5051
    Ibanez SR900
    ESP EC-400
    TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay


    If I had to choose what I couldn't live without, it might be the following list:
    - Logic Pro 8
    - LennarDigital Sylenth1
    - Native Instruments Battery 3
    Misspellers of the world, unit!

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    Monitoring : 2x Genelec 8030 APM + Profel PS100SUB
    Audio interface: M-Audio Delta 1010LT
    Synths: Access Virus Indigo 2 (Virus C), x0xb0x (303 clone, frickin' AWESOME)
    Drum Machine: Korg Electribe EMX-1 (Groovebox, contains a synth etc.)
    Processing: Line 6 PodXT, TC Electronics Finalizer Express
    Guitar: Epiphone SG-400 "Maestro Tremolo" (Gibson clone)

    I've also got a Novation X-Station audio interface / keyboard / synthesizer as a "mobile studio setup" which I use with my laptop. It rules.

    Also as a DJ I've got a pair of Technics SL-1210 MK5's vinyl turntables and a Ecler NUO5 mixer.


    I use FL Studio 8 with a large array of plugins:

    Synths: Native Instruments Massive, FM8, GForce Minimonsta, reFX z3ta+, reFX Nexus and of course, 3xOsc.

    Effects/processing: Waves SSL-4000 bundle, Diamond bundle, Uhbik U-He bundle, Ohmforce Ohmboyz and Ohmicide, Kjaerhus Audio Classic pack (freeware, check it out), Camel Audio CamelPhat 3.

    There's much other stuff that I use, but those are the ones I can't live without.

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    i already posted this list in the "what does your studio look like thread", but that's before i noticed this one, but before i post it, some history:

    My first meeting with the demoscene was on my step brothers amiga 1200 when i was about 13. i went trough all his disks, and to his confusion and annoyance i kinda liked the demos, intros and cracktros much better than the actual games he had on there (with the exeption of monkey island)

    then at 15 i got my first PC; a monster, i may add.. the Intel Pentium 166 with MMX(!!!) and a SOUNDBLASTER AWE32!
    and the first PC demo i ever saw was Little Green Men by KFMF(?) and i was stunned.
    a friend of mine had a program called fasttracker 2, where he had fun playing off burp-sounds on different pitches. that was fun until we found out that the program could actually open some .mod files from different games. i saw the potential in the program and got myself a copy. A musician was born.

    played around in FT2 until 2002-2003, got a 4th place in the multichannel compo at TG and made some nice tunes.. most of them lost when TraxInSpace went down

    I was on a LAN party, and me and some of my mucician-buddies were fiddling around in ft2 when a guy came over and wondered if i'd head about fruityloops, my first reaction was "is that some Ejay crap?", but he showed it to me, and i tried it out for a while and loved it.
    Since then i've been making tracks using FL-Studio (fruityloops back then) and in the later years Milky Tracker too.

    Dell Inspiron 9400 Laptop / core duo @ 1,8Ghz / 3gb ram,
    Acer Aspire One D250 running OSX Leopard w/Garageband

    Lexicon Alpha

    FL-Studio 9 Producer Edition
    Milky Tracker (Pro Tools HD @ school)

    Access Virus C Synth
    Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer
    Rocktron Chameleon fx/amp modelling module
    Nintendo DS running Korg DS10
    Ipod touch running Noise.IO
    Carillon Control 25 Midi Controller
    Evolution MK249c Midi Controller
    Sennheiser HD415 Headphones
    Logitech Z-2300 Reference speakers
    Samick 4 string. Bass Guitar
    Shure SM58 Vocal Mic

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    I go mostly with software (FL Studio with VST synths/effects for producing, and Ableton Live for gigs), but I do need some hardware of course.

    • Custom quadcore desktop computer for producing (and keeping myself entertained at home)
    • Acer Aspire One mini-laptop for gigs
    • Behringer Truth B2031A studio monitors
    • Pioneer S-W80S subwoofer (For overkill bass and fun, it's not like the B2031A Truths really need one)
    • AKG K701 headphones
    • ESI U46SE external soundcard (I hate its retarded drivers, but what budget-class options do I have if I want several simultaneous, independent outputs?)
    • M-Audio Evolution MK449 C keyboard
    • Kenton Killamix Mini MIDI-controller
    • LTD EX-50 guitar
    • Ibanez GSR200 bass
    • Zoom G2 effect pedal

    ...and a really good handmade acoustic guitar, which is probably the only really valuable thing I own. I've yet to record anything with it, though. That'd require something better than my 10€ computer mic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byproduct View Post
    • ESI U46SE external soundcard (I hate its retarded drivers, but what budget-class options do I have if I want several simultaneous, independent outputs?)
    I've got the Focusrite Saffire LE which is a really decent sound card for comparatively little money. The drivers are quite OK, it has multiple independent outputs and inputs and I just discovered that www.jam.se is having a sale on them right now for 1000 SEK less than what I bought mine for, grr..
    SceneSat systems administrator / tech guru / sometime DJ

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    Heres my list of things and stuff I use...

    Computer : Acer Aspire M5201
    Dual lcd monitors both Benq. 24inch widesceen and 20 inch widescreen
    Ram 8Gt
    Processor Amd Phenom 9550 Quadcore 2.20 GHz
    1 Terabyte harddrive
    OS: poop OS aka. vista
    Amiga +500

    Creative Gigaworks T20 series II
    M-audio studio pro 3
    And 3 pairs other random stereo speacers plugged into good old Pioneer stereo amplifier SA-610

    Propellerhead Reason 4
    Other prog related stuff:
    Over 250Gb sounds and reason refills

    Keyboard of choise:
    M-audio keystation 49e

    Other things
    Sony minidisc and crapy mick to record ambience sounds


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