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    Default Outline 2009 - The Netherlands



    Historically, Outline is an Atari demoparty, but since three years
    sceners active on all platforms are actively invited. The party now
    attracts many sceners, primarily from the Atari and PC scenes, but
    entries on any platform are actively supported. No matter what computer
    your furnish your house with, you'll find the open mindedness of the
    Outline crowd a pleasure to enjoy!

    Those who have attended earlier Outline parties will probably be happy
    to know that despite the change of location (and main organiser), things
    will pretty much be arranged like in the past few years.

    For those who don't know, this means that you can count on some pretty
    unique demoparty features such as:

    * Unique multiplatform atmosphere, where sceners of all ages and
    backgrounds share their passions and knowledge.
    * Cool compos with room for any entry you can imagine
    * Hardcore demoscene atmosphere: only creative people allowed!
    * Beds for everyone (no need for hotel shuttles here!)
    * Breakfast (or, well, brunch) buffet every morning
    * Calming countryside location
    * Nice terrace and sports field
    * Cheap drinks and snacks sold on location in the "Hokkie van Okkie"
    * 72 hours of non-stop demoscene fun!


    We will try to organise some interesting live-acts, deejay sets, and/or
    seminars; more news about this later.

    As of now, the following acts are arranged:

    * DJ SPACE OPERATOR (visualizers, NL) - will be spinnning your favourite
    sunshine electronix!

    (Yes. I'm going to this one too. So meet me there.)

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    Default No really you want to go.

    303F is playing live at Outline. 303F rock. 303F rule. You want to see 303F. Really.

    Oh, some dude named 'Jeroen Tel' is playing live there too.

    Hey, how much will it cost me to get there from Sweden?

    Hmm, well, if you fly on Ryanair, it's 2sek + taxes.

    No seriously, it was this afternoon, so Nosfe and I booked from Sweden. We're going to take the ferry from Finland to Stockholm and then we're going on a plane from Sweden.

    Join us. It's going to rule. Seriously.

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    Default Outline & Scenesat

    40 minutes ago we posted:
    Confirmed: scenesat.com will cover Outline for the duration of the event.

    Now we're not EXACTLY sure how this is gonna happen, as there is little/no internet there. But we'll be there, and we'll be reporting, and there will be stuff recorded for your enjoyment and it will be provided back to you in as close to realtime as we feel like doing while enjoying ourselves.

    Enjoying ourselves will take priority over getting you people who don't go the stuff, so, for the best experience: Join us in the Netherlands for this GREAT party!

    (Just to be clear: YOU ARE INVITED. YES. YOU. GO TO OUTLINE.)

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