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    Star "Awaken" by S-Wave featured in SAME radio show 014

    This sunday the trance tune "Awaken" by S-Wave is featured for the first time ever in a major radioshow, that will be on the rotation on digitally imported, several other netradios, and several other trance radiostations around the world.

    SAME radio Hompeage: http://www.sameradioshow.com/
    Direct link to the radioshow: http://www.sameradioshow.com/shows/sameradioshow014.mp3

    S-Wave is my (Puryx') commercial-aimed trance project, so I would really appreciate all the hype I can get around this track, and the featuring in this readio-show

    The track is played around 24 minutes into the show.

    Thank you for your time!


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    Congrats my friend... And it's well deserved..
    Really nice track (why is it not on the our rotation? )

    Anyway.. Keep up the good work and I hope you'll get more stuff played there in the future.

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