Even though these version changes might not be very obvious, we are constantly working to improve, enhance and expand the functionality of scenesat.com and the system surrounding the radio. Since we internally are using version numbering to keep track of the progression, we like to use that to communicate with you where we are up to. You can find the current version number at the lower corner of the logo on the website. The plan is to later put up a list of milestones explaining where we want to reach and when, when it comes to the functionality. Below is a list of some of the things that was included in v1.4.

  • New graphical frame system for the layout which makes it possible to dynamically alter the width of the site without breaking up.
  • New liquid width setting by jumping into http://scenesat.com/mysettings when you are logged in, to be able to fill up the full screen width with the site. Do have a look there no matter what, since there are quite a few things on the site that can be tweaked with these settings.
  • No more IE6 compatibility. A warning sign is shown for the user who enters with IE6 and we do not care if the site works in it or not. Most stuff will still work, but there will be some things that can cause problems.
  • Trigger list cleanup, to keep the IRC triggers a bit more constructive.
  • More possibilities to interact with IRC from the site. This is currently implemented for basic admin functionality such as changing the topic and so on, but we're working on a fuller implementation to be able to interact with the site from IRC and vice versa.
  • Lots of backend related fixes to make administering the system a smoother ride for the staffers.
  • Various small fixes here and there...

Since the actual design update was quite extensive without being that noticeable, there might be some errors caused by this. Just make sure to clear the cache in your webbrowser to have all the latest versions of the files needed by the site to work properly. If you find something that looks/behaves odd even after that, please let us know and we'll look into it.

Also, if you have any feature suggestions/wishes, please tell us and we'll definitely look into the possibility to fulfill them.