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    Music The rotational wish list

    Well.. Now is your chance to actually have an effect on our play list..

    Some more Amiga & C64 tracks wouldn't hurt. We already got some but there is always room for more.

    Since I really haven't got the time to listen to 50.000 mods or SIDs then I cry for your help.

    Do you have some favourites tracks or artists you think are missing on our rotation ?
    Then please give me your suggestions.

    But just a few rules applies. Yes, we are picky.

    It would be nice if it actually was some tracks that wouldn't make a non-scene run screaming away.. Or even worse.. Turn off the radio and never come back..

    The Amiga mods must be of decent sound quality. We all know that 8bit samples are not the best but some artists knew how to make it sound awesome. (Do I have to mention Jogeir Liljedahl?)

    I will remaster the selected tracks and try to make them sound better. However a really crappy sound quality is FORBIDDEN. I won't even try to remaster that. And it doesn't matter how good the track is. But then perhaps it would be a suggestion for a remix ?

    Well.. In other words... HEEEEEELP...

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    Trixal - Nice Wet & Mean (Cryptoburners, Materialized)
    Banana - Echoing. (Just about every intro/demo in 1988.)
    __TAB__ We can't NOT have Echoing. We can't. It almost singlehandedly started people doing things outside the ST disks. [__TAB__]
    __TAB__ (That's debatable, but what isn't is that everything used it and it was the #1 scene hit for 1988.)
    Mantronix & Tip - Overload (Razor 1911 - Voyage)
    __TAB__ Actually I'll check in a minute, maybe we have Overload and I haven't heard it in the rotation since SAM hates me. Nope. It says we have nothing from Mantronix. This is a horrible, horrible oversight.
    Madness - the entire series from 4mat
    Amiga Theme pt 3 - plus intro (: - Jespyr Kyd (Hardwired)
    Music from How 2 Skin a Cat - which I _know_ the name of the tune I just can't recall it right now and it's not online in a google search ): Something like Blue ... something. Anyway, Nuke/Anarchy/Lemon, no that can't be right, it was a Melon demo, why would Nuke be on it... but it was Nuke. Um. Hmm (: Ah well, Danes (: (I know, he's not a Dane, Surfsmurf is.)

    I'll stop now, let me know if you want more cuz I can just sit here for a while and come up with these. I'm also willing to do a show discussing the demos themselves as introduction for these into the playlist (with some, like Echoing, I think this is somewhat required.)

    And then someone other than you has to do some work as well.
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    Bethoven - Technology Spice ex.
    Bethoven - Revolution
    Bethoven - 10,5
    Clawz - The Black Reign 2
    Clawz - Supreme in black (v6)
    Clawz - Cyberotica
    Clawz - Spacefinal
    Clawz - Overtaking (Bomb - Motion demo soundtrack)
    Dax - '95 raver's megamix
    Dax - Secret kind of love
    Fajser - Draskall Knorropt
    Jam & Spoon - The power of Spice
    Jesper Kyd - Global Trash 3 v2 (Hardwired soundtrack)
    Jester - Basic Instinct
    Jester - Cyberride (Pygmy Project - Extension soundtrack)
    Jester - Harm me with harmony
    Jester - Rage is relentless
    Jester - Stardust memories
    Papa Smurf - 242
    Probe - Excellate v2
    Probe - Bluish
    Probe - Over 2
    Slice - I feel so alive!
    Slide - Ultimate seduction 3
    Vortex & Trixal - Sway
    Winger - Safe Sex
    Wishbone - Antarctica
    XTD - Piece of individuality (Flying Cows - Pro S.I.A.K. soundtrack)
    Yaz - Pandemonium (Digital - Day of Reckoning soundtrack)

    Bethoven - Immortal
    Dezecrator - Violent
    Dezecrator - Introgasm

    Einstein - Betrayal intro [.dm2] (best chip tune ever made)
    Random Voice - Monday (2nd best chip tune ever)

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    Anything by Fleshbrain ? Mindstorm, Grave-yard, etc still sound OK.

    Oh and you gotta have Mercury Rain by Skaven
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    I love the unique version of chip sound that you find with the ahx , thx , and hvl format. I particularly like

    Blondie , A New Beginning , and I Love Holy Daze by Geir Tjelta ; Cruisin , Afternoon Voyage III , Fame , Klisje paa Klisje (originally by Walkman) , Outrun 4 , and Unteleported by Pink / Abyss

    for their beautiful, primitive synth timbres and very interesting chord progressions. Great melodies.

    One more tune in this format: Metal Breaks.thx by Oxide.

    [First Edit]

    Add Fu'led.xm and Give Me An Om.xm by Vim and Dope.mod by Jugi to your list if you're still taking suggestions. The only non - tracker music I can come up with now is one track by disrupt of jahtari whose title is something like I. K. + and which is a remix of (you guessed it) International Karate for c64 in a dubstep style. Disrupt also has a tune with a lot of samples from the Samurai Shodown fighting game series but the scene connection there seems tenuous. Then again SceneSat already plays a Golden Axe tune
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    I changed the title of this thread from Amiga & C64 to be 'rotational' wish list instead, since it'll be easier to sip through this every now and then. Feel free to suggest which tracks we should add, independent on platform.
    A SceneSat Radio DJ and staffer | AmigaRemix and Remix64 head honcho

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    Teippi - Super Cars 2
    Skaven - Razorback
    Skaven - Corruptor
    Skaven - Cannon angel
    Skaven - They Crave

    That is just a few I think might make a welcome addition

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    McClure - His 1001 greatest hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dumper View Post
    McClure - His 1001 greatest hits.
    Already got them... What Ziphoid doesn't know is that there will be a relay dedicated to McClure on the server.. And of course using FLAC for streaming.

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