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    Default More bitar till kaffet

    I noticed that there are only a few episodes of bitar till kaffet available in the android app so I looked at the source code of the xbmc plugin to figure out how reLive gets the podcasts to show. It looks like the web server at stations.relive.se doesn't know of more than 4 shows.

    Would you accept data for newer shows to add to reLive? If so, how would you prefer to get the data?

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    Here's the data I think you need for episode 5 (http://www.bitartillkaffet.se/media/...ffet_005.mp3):

    Stream title: Bitar till kaffet #5

    to = track offset
    an = artist name
    tn = track name

    to: 345
    an: Djamm (Reynald Deliens)
    tn: Almost Real

    to: 744
    an: Tip & Firefox (Robert Österbergh & Jimmy Fredriksson)
    tn: A Final Hyperbase

    to: 1287
    an: Jeroen Tel
    tn: Iron Lord

    to: 1643
    an: Nation XII
    tn: Speedball 2 – Brutal Deluxe

    to: 1990
    an: Richard Joseph & Jon Hare
    tn: WAR

    to: 2182
    an: Nation XII
    tn: Into the Wonderful

    to: 2455
    an: Scorpik (Adam Skorupa)
    tn: Fountain of Sighs

    to: 2793
    an: Cerror (Roel Heerspink)
    tn: Dat Ass

    to: 3128
    an: A-Man (Steven Diemer)
    tn: Loveland

    ... or, if you want cue files:

    PERFORMER "Brandon Walsh"
    TITLE "Bitar till kaffet #5"
    FILE "Bitar_till_Kaffet_005.mp3" MP3
      TRACK 01 AUDIO
        TITLE "Almost Real"
        PERFORMER "Djamm (Reynald Deliens)"
        INDEX 01 05:45:00
      TRACK 02 AUDIO
        TITLE "A Final Hyperbase"
        PERFORMER "Tip & Firefox (Robert Österbergh & Jimmy Fredriksson)"
        INDEX 01 12:24:00
      TRACK 03 AUDIO
        TITLE "Iron Lord"
        PERFORMER "Jeroen Tel"
        INDEX 01 21:27:00
      TRACK 04 AUDIO
        TITLE "Speedball 2 – Brutal Deluxe"
        PERFORMER "Nation XII"
        INDEX 01 27:23:00
      TRACK 05 AUDIO
        TITLE "WAR"
        PERFORMER "Richard Joseph & Jon Hare"
        INDEX 01 33:10:00
      TRACK 06 AUDIO
        TITLE "Into the Wonderful"
        PERFORMER "Nation XII"
        INDEX 01 36:22:00
      TRACK 07 AUDIO
        TITLE "Fountain of Sighs"
        PERFORMER "Scorpik (Adam Skorupa)"
        INDEX 01 40:55:00
      TRACK 08 AUDIO
        TITLE "Dat Ass"
        PERFORMER "Cerror (Roel Heerspink)"
        INDEX 01 46:33:00
      TRACK 09 AUDIO
        TITLE "Loveland"
        PERFORMER "A-Man (Steven Diemer)"
        INDEX 01 52:08:00
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    Hi Robert!

    Currently, there is work done to make the cue files for the rest of the shows and we're awaiting Daniel and his little 'helper' Martin to fix that. When they're done, the shows will be added to reLive, and hopefully it won't take THAT long. This is also the case with the new 'station' named 'Commoflage' that we added today.

    Thank you for the cuefile so far, but we want to add some more narration tracks as well first before adding it to the database.

    // Ziph
    A SceneSat Radio DJ and staffer | AmigaRemix and Remix64 head honcho

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    Alright, I'll just be patient then :-) I still have most of the other shows to reLive so that'll keep me occupied for quite some time! Thanks for your work on this..

    You may want to consider adding the Hardread podcast also.

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    I'm actually just waiting for the .cue-files for the Hardread podcasts and then they'll be added.
    A SceneSat Radio DJ and staffer | AmigaRemix and Remix64 head honcho

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