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    Default Spiral - Hands On The Album

    LABEL..............[ n/a
    ENCODER........[ Encoded by FLAC v1.1.4a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1
    DATE Release...[ 29.06.2009
    YEAR...............[ 2009
    RELEASE SiZE.[ 361,0 MB
    TUNES.............[ 12
    SOURCE..........[ Renoise
    GENRE............[ Spacesynth


    01. Community (Hands On MyVoice) 05:59
    02. Outrun 2K (Hands On Reptile & Sky) 03:04
    03. Alertia (Hands On MyVoice & Reptile) 05:07
    04. Star Dance (Hands On Polaris) 03:41
    05. Stars Of Eternity (Hands On MyVoice) 05:38
    06. Popcorn '99 Mix (Hands On Reptile 6 Sky) 03:56
    07. Phenomenon Choir (Hands On MyVoice) 05:12
    08. Giana Sisters 2K (Hands On Reptile & Sky) 03:23
    09. Alertia II (Hands On MyVoice & Reptile) 03:32
    10. The Voyager (Hands On MyVoice) 04:47
    11. The 7th Star (Hands On Reptile & Sky) 03:19
    12. Nemesis (Hands On Misty & Daeron) 03:59

    TOTAL 51:37

    Downloadlink for FLAC: https://sakerlagring.telia.se/user/S...0-9757f457b50c

    Downloadlink for MP3 320kbps (120Mb): https://sakerlagring.telia.se/user/S...f-3f2ddad4bd8c

    I totally lacking the knowledge of mastering so bare with me ok! Wish I knew how to master that art but im fresh out of that specific knowledge, sorry. Hope you can enjoy this anyway!

    best regards


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    Hi spiral,

    Just downloaded and going to check it out. If you want i could master it for you. But that will be in 3 weeks. Going on holliday and will be back then.


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    Yeah, if you like and got the time, please do

    I will, when and if, i get the time to rearrange the tracks so the instruments isnt all over the tracks as they are now to make it easier to master.

    Best regards


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