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glxblt - biker mice from arse [04:03]
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    New Even more new things added...

    Yes, it seems like we're on a roll when it comes to adding new functionality to the site and system behind SceneSat Radio. Since the v1.1 release not even two weeks ago, quite a few quirks have been fixed and some new functionality has been added. Here is a brief summary:

    • Random comments on the front page
      Yes, it was mentioned in an earlier thread, but it's surely worth mentioning that you now are available to see random user comments on the front page. They are taken from the ratings on various tracks. We strongly encourage you to enter a comment when you are rating a track and it will be shown there. Do try to keep the comment as constructive as possible.
    • Current listener count
      Up to the right of the screen, just below the 'Now:'-part, you can now find a listener- and countrycounter which shows the current listener stats. If you hover over the words, you'll see a list of the countries that have listeners right now. The stats are updated on the serverside every five minutes, so if it doesn't change right away when you start listening, you'll just have to be patient a couple of more minutes. It should be updated together with the 'Now playing'-updates.
    • Sitemap and music source list
      On the bottom of each page, you can now find a sitemap, breaking down the menus in a more visible fashion. Note that the layout of this sitemap differs depending on your status level. Also, you will also find a list of the sites and communities we have gathered the music playing from. This list will be updated whenever we add a new source to our scouting rounds. This only shows the major sites and communities where we have found multiple tracks. For separate credits for each track, go to its respective info page and it will be available there as soon as we have put that information into the database.
    • Google AdSense banner
      Yes, we also have turned to the 'dark' side and added a Google AdSense banner to the site, even though it has been done as discreetly as possible to not annoy too much. The reason for this is simple - even though this is a non-profit project, there still are costs, and quite hefty ones as well. This banner will help us at least get SOME of that covered, so if you're up for helping us out a bit, please click on a banner link which might be of interest for you and have a look at the site it takes you to. Of course there is also the possibility to switch this off if you are logged in. Just go to the settings page and you will find a little switch there. We'd rather see you do this than use an ad blocker, to be honest.

    Also, there has been a bunch of minor fixes done all over the system, but they are too many and also too minor to mention. One thing you can note down, though, is that if you notice that the 'Now playing' has stopped updating and you can't refresh the page (like if you are using the web-IRC for instance), you can click the 'Now:'-row above the listener counter up to the right of the screen and the updating should commence. If it still doesn't work, you'll simply have to refresh the whole page. Oh, and the menus (Learn, Listen, Participate & Member) are now clickable and leads to a summary of the items available in that menu. This could be good if you have any problems with the dropdown menu or just want a small overview (which you now also can find at the bottom of the page, in the sitemap). We also strongly suggest you to have a look into the 'Quickmenu'-feature which gives you the possibility to define up to 9 shortcuts that will be placed next to the search field and could ease the navigation of the site quite a lot.

    If you find any problems or have any ideas, don't hesitate to tell us and we'll look into it all.
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    Great work Ziphoid... as always...

    But the random comments are not as random as they should be. I almost get the same comments everytime i enter the site...
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