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    Question Copy and Paste in native Win Client

    Hey There...

    ...sorry for (maybe) asking a thumb question: I cannot copy and past from the recorded chat in reLive client. Is it just not working on my (office) machine (one of these windows bug-thingis cause by patch KB0982390213bla) or is it not implemented?
    It's quite annoying especially with URLs....

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    Which client is that? The Qt one of the lightweight one? Has it been working before? Also, they are VERY outdated, so nothing would be able to be changed at this point.
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    Thanks for rply
    It's the "600k" (626.688 Bytes) Executable for Win...
    Couldn't find a version tag ...not sure if it worked before; just been dropped on it cause the java stuff on teh website didnt work here. (dont wanna put java discussion here now as for sure you know about :-) ...but takes time to write something else/new and *someone* who does it in the end...)
    So it's not a major problem to spend time on it :-) ..
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