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    Music A plea to commentors (leaving comments on tracks)

    While I am, personally, 100% against censorship, there are some forms of comments which do more harm than good - either to the person posting, to the morale of the community, or to the musician/groups involved with the music.

    Thus, this plea for comment 'sensibility' - or 'sanity' - or just plain 'could people please not be offensive.'

    Occasionally, when looking at the front page, which I often do, I see comments of THIS type:
    "This doesn't belong here."

    > if it's a corrupted file, you shouldn't leave a bug report in the comments. You should let us know. We've had a few issues of this type and we've fixed the ones we can.
    > if you feel that music has to fit a particular 'genre' to be on scenesat: It doesn't.
    In addition, saying it doesn't belong here means that you think that the staff is doing a crap job of picking tunes. That's offensive, and upon reading it, I generally have a 2-3 minute period where I have to avoid posting a retort of the sort that would leave a crater about the size of Africa. Yes, I get pissed off about this sort of thing - ESPECIALLY since there are tunes I would rather not hear on the playlist (rotational,) but some people like them, and thus we have them. It's not MY radio, it's a community radio. And it's not YOUR radio, it's a community radio. So let's not be saying, essentially, "Waaaaah I hate this remove it waaaaah" because that just does NOT do anyone any good.

    Now, along with this, PLEASE be respectful of the time/effort that people put into their tracks.

    As I was previously a Nectarine admin, I can tell you of a time when an artist became so upset over the comments left on his music that not only did he ask for their removal from Nectarine, but he removed them from all other places (scene.org, etc,) destroyed them, and quit making music. And as I thought they were particularly good songs...

    That sort of thing basically cuts straight to my bones; as such, I want to prevent it from ever happening again. I can't of course.

    But here at Scenesat, we have an entirely different method of adding tracks to the playlist. It means someone listens and CHOOSES the tunes.


    Suggesting otherwise will probably cause someone to go write a very, very, very long post in the forum about how rude that is, and leave tons of impassioned reasons why he feels you shouldn't do that.

    And yes, if you were to go back in time and look at the posts I made concerning 'Dune' at Nectarine - you'd see that yes, I had to learn to post this way as well. But following a pattern of 'disliking what I dislike, but not forcing my dislike on others' I've had folks suggest MORE music to me, and authors of music that I didn't care for ask me for my opinion of new tracks. Which, ya know, is pretty darned cool.

    So, again, my plea: please be respectful of the folks who bring the music here when leaving comments. From the admins to the artists to your fellow listeners.
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    I myself have spotted very, very few offensive comments, but then again I haven't been browsing them much.

    Everyone can't always be pleased, but it's easy to avoid being offensive: just use the negative mood vote button and that's it. The staff will surely reconsider a track if it gets lots of bad ratings. Since it works this way, the listeners don't have to argue if something belongs or doesn't belong on the air. Doing that would be pointless, and potentially hurtful to the producer of the track.

    Honest feedback is a good thing, and to most producers, negative criticism is just as valuable as positive criticism – when expressed properly, that is. It's always good to keep in mind that the track probably took a lot of effort to make (even if it didn't suit your taste!), and my guess is that most of the tracks are distributed for free. So, if you didn't like a track, and want to say it out loud, don't just say you didn't like it, let the producer know why you didn't like it. That has a way of turning rude comments into constructive and helpful ones. Also, very few tracks really are 100% crap. Almost all tunes have something good in them even if you ended up disliking them. Therefore, while maintaining an honest approach, do consider pointing out the good aspects of the track as well. That helps to keep the artist motivated, and one day (s)he'll make a track that'll blow your mind. So don't make him quit!
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