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    Default Spectrum/Amstrad 8-bit tunes...


    I'm currently making the rounds of the usual suspects of the 8-bit world (Speccy, Amstrad CPC, NES, and yes, everyone's favourite the C64) for my History of Turrican Project.

    In doing this, I wondered, what kind of quality and noteworthiness is there in the music catalogue of the ZX Spectrum, and the Amstrad CPC?

    Is there anything that redefined the landscape I need to hear? Any great triumphs that proved these machines could hold their own against the mighty "Commodorks"?

    I'm not trying to incite Format wars, mind you. I was a Commodork once. But for a misfiring power-block and no Datassette, I still would be. But I'm just looking for feedback on what's good in the Speccy and Amstrad archives.

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    maybe you find something here http://bulba.untergrund.net/music_e.htm
    has some turrican tunes/remixes in the archive
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    The music from the Amstrad CPC version of Kwik Snax was absolutely amazing. I've NEVER understood why nobody's remixed it - in fact I can't even find any sounds or graphics from the original game on YouTube!

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