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Current time: 2020-11-29 17:32
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IRC Vote triggers

Here you have a list of the vote triggers on IRC and the values the give in the voting for our Sat-U-Rated shows.

IRC vote triggers
!magnificent, !magnificented, !massive and !massived : 10
!awesome and !awesomed : 9
!love, !loves and !loved : 8
!lovely and !lovelyd : 7
!like, !likes, !liked, !pleasant and !pleasanted : 6
!meh, !mehd, !neutral and !neutraled : 5
!boring and !boringed : 4
!dislike, !dislikes and !disliked : 3
!loathe and !loathed : 2
!hate, !hates and !hated : 1
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