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Current time: 2024-07-18 07:29
16 listeners from 8 countries.
Mario67 - Radio Flyer [04:07]
willbe - For that dark matter [03:40] at 07:31:17
Help us promote SceneSat Radio

Now you can help promote SceneSat Radio by putting a banner on strategic places on websites, in forums and so on... When linking to us, always link to and nothing else.

We have some banners you can use to display your support to us. The dynamic ones will show the track currently playing on the station. When there is a live show, an alternate image will be shown automagically. The banner sizes are 400x40, 468x60 and 729x90 pixels. You also have a small, micro-banner of 88x31 pixels that you can find at and use with: <a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>
Here is what it looks like:

The dynamic banners are called for by pointing to this address:
For now the banner comes in two versions of three sizes each.
The /slim/ can be changed into /middle/, /wide/, /slim2/, /middle2/ or /wide2/ to get the different appearances.

The /now.jpg is optional and can be altered to /whateveryouwant.jpg as well as changing the image format between .jpg, .gif and .png. .jpg being the smallest one, although it can give some image distortion, but it is barely noticeable.

To use this, put the banner in an image-tag, enclosed by an anchor to create a clickable link:
<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>
If you want to put this onto a forum that doesn't allow HTML, you can use the BB-code version instead:
Also, thanx to thec, here's a little script you can put on your site and it will autorefresh the banner every 60 seconds.
<script>var scenesatTimer = setInterval('scenesatUpdate()',60000);function scenesatUpdate() { var src=""; var tmp = new Date(); tmp = "?"+tmp.getTime(); document.images["scenesat"].src=src+tmp; } </script><div style="overflow:hidden"><a href="" target="_blank"><img name="scenesat" src="" border="0" /></a></div>

In the end, it will render the following result:






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