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Current time: 2024-07-16 15:28
24 listeners from 12 countries.
Buzzer & Mice - Day After Eternity [03:24] at 15:33:39


Here is a list of triggers that can be used on the IRC channel... This list will be updated as we go along...
What's shown between () is optional, whilst what's between <> is required for the trigger to function as planned.
!cam or !webcam Shows the status and URL of the webcam.
!countries : Shows a list of the countries where people are currently listening.
!hear, !relays, !listen, !listenn00b, !listeng33k, !listensc, !shoutcast or !listenadv (text) : Shows info about how to listen to SceneSat Radio. If (text) is given, it preceeds the info.
!listeners : Shows the current listener count.
!lp, !last or !prev : Shows last played track.
!next, !nt, !nu or !wu : Shows next track to be played.
!np, !npt, !npl, !now or !fp : Shows currently playing track.
!plays : Shows the last 5 plays of the currently playing track.
!queue, !q : Shows the current queue.
!quotes : Shows a URL to a list of the saved IRC quotes.
!show or !nextshow : Shows next upcoming show.
!superlatives : Lists possible superlatives to use.
!ti, !tinfo or !trackinfo : Shows the currently playing track and URL to the info page about it.
!trigger, !triggers or !triggerlist : Shows the URL to this list.
!awesome, !magnificent, !massive, !pleasant or !lovely : Expresses the chosen emotion about the currently playing track.
!likes, !loves, !hates or !dislikes (text) : If (text) is entered, express what you like, love, hate or dislike. Otherwise, currently playing track is displayed.
!liked, !loved, !hated or !disliked (text) : If (text) is entered, express what you liked, loved, hated or disliked. Otherwise, last played track is displayed.
!unvote or !revoke : Remove your latest vote.
!request <track> : Make a request for the DJ to play a track. Only active just before and during a show.
!agree (text)
!noir (text)
!phunkydat or phunkydata
!pirate or !yarr
!stalk, !andrsson or !andersson (text)
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