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Hazel - Fatal Attraction [04:52]
Wintermute - Unite (Wintermute Remix) [05:16] at 13:34:43
The rating systems

We have three voting systems to use. Two for the website and one for IRC.

On the top of the page you will see the rating systems. If you're not logged in, you'll only see the mood-part, but if you're logged in, you'll also see your rating of the particular track playing. Now, why are there three different systems, you say? Well, it's pretty simple, really.

The mood-votes and the IRC-triggers are the votes that our Sat-U-Rated shows are based upon, so use them. You have a list of IRC-triggers and their values here.

The first system, the mood-votes, is there to let you give a small mood vote for the currently playing track. If you feel in the mood for the current song, press the sun. If not, press the thunder clouds. If you really dunno how you feel for the track right now, just press the mist in between. Much rather make a 'neutral' vote than none at all, since all votes count in one way or another. These mood-votes can be set once per track play. That means that you'll get to mood-vote for a track once when it's played, but over time, you can give it how many mood-votes as you please.

Explanations for the mood icons
: Yes, this track fits my mood perfectly! (value: 10)
: *hmmm* Well, I don't have to switch off, but I'm not raising the volume either... (value: 5)
: Nope, I don't feel like hearing this at all right now... (value: 0)

The second system, which is only shown when you are logged in, is a 10-star 'overall' rating. This is used to set your personal ranking of the track and you have only one of these votes. However, you CAN change it. This is to be considered as what you feel about the track once and for all, whilst the mood-vote is more to reflect on how you feel about the track at the very moment it's played. Think of this vote as the 'heavy' one that actually tells how you feel about the track, so think about what you grade it with.

Since ratings and grades are completely subjective, it's sometimes better to leave tracks alone if they are in a style you totally don't like. Therefor, if there is a track playing of a genre that you absolutely don't like, it's better to NOT give it a star rating of 1 just because you dislike the genre and hence dislikes the track, but simply leave it be instead. You don't HAVE to vote on all tracks just for the sake of it. The mood-votes would be more appropriate for use at that point instead.

The amount of lit stars shown reflects on YOUR rating and not on the whole community. More detailed rating statistics will be displayed at a later stage and on multiple places on the site.

Explanations for the star ratings
: 10 - Magnificent
: 9 - Awesome
: 8 - Great
: 7 - Good
: 6 - Quite OK
: 5 - Average
: 4 - Fair
: 3 - Bad
: 2 - Awful
: 1 - Tragic

On the info-page of each track, your current rating will be displayed and we'll also gather the votes into a bunch of stats pages. Stats are cool and we want lots of it. :)

Oh, and the web-systems are counting on the fact that you have a javascript-enabled browser, capable of handling AJAX.
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