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    Transmit Blue SceneSat to broadcast from Alternative Party AND TRSAC the weekend of Oct. 22-24th.

    Yes, you read it right. There'll be some sort of a dual broadcast the weekend between the 22nd and 24th of October since both the Alternative Party in Finland and the TRSAC party in Denmark happens to occur on that weekend.

    Hazel will be at TRSAC and will record and broadcast as much as possible from there while mayor, Ziphoid and Sir Garbagetruck will be at the Alternative Party, doing the same from there. We are working on a solution to be able to broadcast as much as possible from both parties and there'll probably be set up a separate relay as SceneSat 2 to serve the TRSAC stream while the AltParty stream will be on the main relay. All of the broadcast from both parties will be available on reLive afterwards, though, so you won't miss anything.

    There will probably also be a video feed from TRSAC to let you viewers enjoy the compos from there (such as the demo compos and the "DJ Der Guten Laune"-remix compo, which will be interesting to see). SceneSat will also provide a videofeed from AltParty but it's not yet certain what we will be able to broadcast. For the people living in and around Helsinki, we will also air on FM 103.1 thanx to the people over at Radio Hami, who are helping us arrange that.

    More info regarding what and how things will be broadcast from both parties will be available as we get closer to the weekend.

    Do go to http://trsac.dk and http://altparty.org to read more about the parties and if you are able to attend any of the parties, you really should do so.
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