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Thread: Clarification

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    Arrow Clarification

    Now I've found some time to refer to a nice posting from someone:

    Radio Parallax has done some damage to itself via spamming and assault on various folks, and a lot of folks have real difficulty with the attitude over there. Heh, I remember the one time the main guy there started DEMANDING that Pouet remove his thread... Pouet doens't remove threads. It was, and is, freaking hilarious to view. Oddly, that was because of Parallax going and saying that one of our preview shows, by MadMax, was going to be his exclusive. It could have been handled like a simple mistake but no, the Parallax guys just blew it ALL out of proportion and managed to piss off quite a few folks in the scene in the meantime.

    So, ya know, there's no real ISSUE with working with folks who want to be worked with and don't throw fits when things don't go their way. Or demand unneccesary things, or start demanding censoring of tunes because they don't meet some jerk's "quality" standards, while meeting the standards of all other admins. Basically, this is for fun, and people who have an agenda or want to make trouble - naw, they can do their own thing, life's too short to play in a sandbox with someone who just wants to fight.
    If you do claiming such things like this, you should at least stay by the truth!

    First I didn't know that Pouet don't remove threads and demanding for it was because MaxMax had asked me before to do it because it contained worng informations about a show which he has done for us. Too bad that Pouet not even has an edit option.

    Furthermore this (one and only done) show we had with MadMax at this time WAS exclusive and so there's no reason to declare it as mistake. Apart from this he really seems to give the impression to do an interactive liveshow as it was agreed before. Instead he just played an recorded show and so most of our listeners was dissappointed about missing greetings or requests which is an absolute "no go" for a live show.

    I don't want to claim that it was a bad show. I only notify that most of our listeners has missed there something but if you don't believe it, read this thread:

    http://www.radio-paralax.de/board/th...?threadid=2052 (Sorry for this link)

    Other thing: Right! It's fun...and I never had the intention to start fights even when I was the person try to get in contact with persons having troubles with me but if they don't want to talk I will not crawl them behind. They know where I am if they want to talk with me and they DIDN'T and they will not as long as such shit like from you will be spread!

    Quality standards must be, even if you have limited space for only a few GB for a 24/7 playlist, which not means that I didn't add some more to my own playlist. Apart from that, there are many other radios like SLAY which never make such quality choose with the result that every shit will be played. Obviously most of their listeners don't seems to see any difference between it.

    So if you want to talk with me about this then you know where you can find me instead telling such shit in future.

    Best regards,

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    Dude I wrote that in a reply to your own thread.

    You _just_ found it?

    oh wait, that's when you were masquerading as someone else. Ok, sorry - yeah, I can see where that would be confusing.

    Look, next time, don't use a proxy, create a fake account, and try to spam. Seriously, it doesn't work well, we notice, and we'll call you on it.

    Which is what that is. 100% truth, btw. It was hilarious and you managed to piss some people off.

    BTW, "private message" works, instead of 'dragging stuff out into the open and creating a new thread, acting like you didn't create a fake account in the first place.'

    Oh well, you'll see this the next time you log in, prolly in about half an hour.

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    I didn't use a proxy and I don't use fake accounts! For which reason I should do that? I already admittet that in my first post. Do you have any prove for such false pretences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PARALAX View Post
    I don't use fake accounts! For which reason I should do that?
    That's what we have wondered a bunch of times throughout the last couple of years...
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    Give it up, the Para. Get help. Get well.

    Learn the Tao of Internets.

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