Well.. Now is your chance to actually have an effect on our play list..

Some more Amiga & C64 tracks wouldn't hurt. We already got some but there is always room for more.

Since I really haven't got the time to listen to 50.000 mods or SIDs then I cry for your help.

Do you have some favourites tracks or artists you think are missing on our rotation ?
Then please give me your suggestions.

But just a few rules applies. Yes, we are picky.

It would be nice if it actually was some tracks that wouldn't make a non-scene run screaming away.. Or even worse.. Turn off the radio and never come back..

The Amiga mods must be of decent sound quality. We all know that 8bit samples are not the best but some artists knew how to make it sound awesome. (Do I have to mention Jogeir Liljedahl?)

I will remaster the selected tracks and try to make them sound better. However a really crappy sound quality is FORBIDDEN. I won't even try to remaster that. And it doesn't matter how good the track is. But then perhaps it would be a suggestion for a remix ?

Well.. In other words... HEEEEEELP...