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The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 10 with Axel, Okkie & Ziphoid[ download ] [ .cuefile ]
Broadcast 2021-04-13 21:00 - 2021-04-13 22:15
A couple of weeks after the original airdate, here's episode 10 of the ZINE Radio Show podcast. As we slowly crawl out of winter and head into spring, the show takes a look at the various upcoming online events, discusses the appeal (or lack thereof) of tiny intros, as well as a peek at the major awards being handed out to the demos, intros, and other projects achieved last year. Then, Rimina joins us for a weighty talk about the minority demoscene experience, how cultural and demographic differences get amplified, and what privileged sceners can do better.
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2021-04-13 21:00:10 (00:00) Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid - The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 10
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