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Mr. X feat. Mc Ruud - Coachin' [02:58]
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The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 12 with Axel, Okkie & Ziphoid[ download ] [ .cuefile ]
Broadcast 2021-05-27 21:00 - 2021-05-27 22:11
The curve of vaccinations slowly gives us hope of crawling back to regular party season as we look at yet another wave of online parties, and a few potentially IRL ones as well; we also discuss the aging out of demoscene websites, some cool new projects and why it’s so hard to find people to help with such projects. Then, Noby joins the show to talk about what direction means in the demoscene, what principles one should follow, and why it matters in a demo.
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2021-05-27 21:00:12 (00:00) Axel, Okkie & Ziphoid - The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 12
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