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Total Harmonic - Summer Fall [09:37]
glxblt - xm8 [03:41] at 18:48:23
Amok - Panther [03:11]
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DHS - Sound Journey MixShow  at  2009-02-13 21:56:09 (39:43)
SceneSat Staff - Launch Show (re-edit)  at  2009-02-07 21:07:55 (67:51)

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5.9 / 10
Rated and commented:
by jamie who shouted: Great Beastie Boys lyrics combined with incredible backing music!
by jwc who shouted: Damn, sucka. Hoo!
by xarragon who shouted: I love this one, albeit the voice reminds me somewhat of MC Chris from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
by zeg who shouted: amiga sidewinder whittaker musik. The superior original soundtrack totaly destroyed! The scene demo music is good, since there are not any dumb human lyrics inside. That makes it different.
by Sir Garbagetruck who shouted: Requires proper beatmatching, or some form of fix of the "not even close to being in synch" verse 2. Verse 1 is fine, could be better, but Verse 2 just keeps playing the Beastie Boys and not paying a damned bit of attention to the Panther track.
by MH who shouted: Good sound but stupid jew rap

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