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Current time: 2020-07-11 15:51
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Synthesis - Warrior Of Light [06:14]
CB - Disco Zax [04:45] at 15:54:32
Hamster - One Hour In Atmospheric Dimension [06:58]
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This track has been given 13 ratings.

Average rating:
5 / 10
Rated and commented:
by JaK who shouted: Precious. Elegant. Deep. Nice metaphore of the ending of the dream...a bit too long perphaps.
by Rainbowchazer who shouted: Exactly expresses how I feel when I have to get up for work
by SoanoS who shouted: The ear-piercing, infernal alarm clock noise ruins it completely, at least for everyone suffering from misophonia.
by kepler who shouted: i agree wholeheartedly with soanos. That alarm clock makes me want to give the composer a serious wedgie. not cool

9 members have rated it, but not given any comments.

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