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Current time: 2019-06-20 12:15
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Phobium - Tonight Is Forever [08:09]
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This track has been given 12 ratings.

Average rating:
3.8 / 10
Rated and commented:
by Topy44 who shouted: awesome darkpsy
by Dr-Duke who shouted: Nah! No go! Sorry! :(
by Byproduct who shouted: 2 minutes of 8 played, and absolutely nothing happened so far in the tune. This is just way way way too long. Maybe get something like "radio edits" of this genre for the rotational if we want this?
by BDE who shouted: Toots-toots-toots...too-too-toots :( Very bored.
by zeg who shouted: awesome, there are people on earth which seems like this thing. drums, and drums, and drums. no music, no melody.
by MH who shouted: Ban this mess

6 members have rated it, but not given any comments.

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