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AMIworx - Gods [04:17]
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fnordpojk - Sat-U-Rated  at  2012-04-13 22:01:37 (121:14)
SceneSat Staff and guests - Remix64 - Remixer of the Year Awards 2011  at  2012-01-28 21:05:38 (65:26)
Ziphoid - Sat-U-Rated  at  2012-01-08 23:08:41 (188:19)

This track has been given 9 ratings.

Average rating:
8.8 / 10
Rated and commented:
by Byproduct who shouted: Excellent, proper transformation of the track to something else. :)
by emoon who shouted: what Truck said
by Sir Garbagetruck who shouted: WOW. I was listening and thinking "I know this melody. What is this?" and then read the title. Absolutely brilliant take on this. Simple, effective, and fantastic.
by BDE who shouted: With this piano? Awesome!
by h0ffman who shouted: Brilliant
by m0d who shouted: nice but i feel could use a shorter radio edit

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