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Mibri - Riding It Out [03:21] at 12:03:17
ytcracker - Meganerd [03:03]
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Hazel - SceneBits  at  2011-02-25 20:29:37 (29:09)

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3.4 / 10
Rated and commented:
by Da1m0n who shouted: not usually into hip-hop but this is very cool, laidback, simple but catchy arrangement...and amusing lyrics too :) btw, "niggaz" comment is totally racist, NOT cool
by Sir Garbagetruck who shouted: There was once a comment here from a user who thought it would be acceptable to post a comment showing his lack of understanding of how the scene accepts everyone. We removed it. That's why you might see others like Da1m0n commenting on that comment. As for the track, it's nowhere near OFWGKTADGAF or KRS-One or the Beasties or Gang Starr.
by MH who shouted: I give untolerant comment too. Track sux. And the rating proves it.
by irwin who shouted: crap!

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