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Detailed information about Maniacs of Noise - Firing UP

Current time: 2024-07-16 15:09
22 listeners from 12 countries.
Fanta - Bombs Over Dresden [03:32] at 15:11:34
Maniacs of Noise - Firing UP [23:00]
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This track has been downloaded 80 times.

This track has been given 51 ratings.

Average rating:
8.5 / 10
Rated and commented:
by Olle who shouted: Amazing as expected when Maniacs of Noise. ;P , can agree about percussions but it's ok, and all these subsongs filling brain with mental orgasm.
by gryzor who shouted: It's Jeroen Tel boys. JEROEN TEL!
by emoon who shouted: Just an awesome track! Had this one looping for days after it was released.
by ComaJim who shouted: Freakin' great song! Awesome and most varied melodi(es)! And it never stops!!! Eargasm YES! :D
by Rainbowchazer who shouted: Holy electronica Batman! Just HOW many styles in this track already? EPIC!!! *hits the Download* button. A good companion to Meditation, and a brilliant way to spend a work hour or so playing them back to back.
by kriz_cold who shouted: MASTERPIECE!!
by anni who shouted: great track to listen to in car too, really awesome 23minutes
by AMcBain who shouted: Just awesome and a middle part with a really great melody.
by Crisot who shouted: I can hear it for hours...
by steph19 who shouted: 23 minutes of happy!
by Sellbars who shouted: Great composition and different sections add to the appeal.
by SunSpire who shouted: Yes it does have gap filling transitions, but each part of the production is a unique song in itself and the overall length of the track is just WOAH!! .. and it doesn't get boring either!
by MH who shouted: Hey!
by Mordi who shouted: This tune gets better every time!
by Quarryman who shouted: it suffers quite a bit from the length, could have been really great if it was shorter :-/
by JaK who shouted: It's Maniacs . Ok. But that repetitive percussion style turns me ANXIOUSSSSsss FUUUUUUUU
by m0d who shouted: bland. too long fir my taste, the 'hey' vocal gets tired fast,
by irwin who shouted: very annoying and waaaaay to long

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