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Phobium - Mentat Empath [06:45]
Saga Musix - Steelchambers2 HQ Remake [04:39] at 08:33:05
Best of the Rest - Inches Away (Asm06) [03:47]
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Ziphoid - On Cozy Air Corner  at  2018-12-30 19:05:16 (45:56)

This track has been given 21 ratings.

Average rating:
5.2 / 10
Rated and commented:
by liminal who shouted: Awesome computer scene music!
by Sellbars who shouted: Decent composition, but feels out of place here.
by Sir Garbagetruck who shouted: Zeg, how is Assembly 06 not related to the demoscene? This is the very _definition_ of related. Unless, you know, we say that no demoparty is related. (I do not care for the song, but it's ABSOLUTELY related and belongs here.)
by zeg who shouted: Not computer scene music related. It could be moved to some comercial chart show. liminal: The computer is singing the song?
by Rainbowchazer who shouted: Blah. May have been a demoparty track but is not electronic chiptune heart of scene music

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